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are a team of 


with experience in residential, commercial, industrial and rural development projects within the Sydney metropolitan area and NSW country areas. 

We assist developers, architects, builders and engineers in obtaining comprehensive survey data, and provide our clients with a progressive and varied selection of surveying services. We are prompt, courteous and, above all, accurate.

 We aim to please!

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The professional services which we offer our customers include:
Contour & level surveys for pre-planning in architectural & stormwater design.
Detail surveys in hardcopy or digital format for pre project planning.
Full services & utility investigation of local authorities.
Development Application preparation & submission to Local Government.
Concept plans for medium density development.
Subdivision investigation and design - urban or rural.
Surveys for subdivision of property into Torrens, Strata or Community Titles.
Preparation of Staged Strata or Staged Community Title documentation.
Project management for developments - dual occupancy or major land releases.
Preparation of surveys for Permissive Occupancy or Crown Licence transfers.
Engineering design for new roads/ drainage, 'on-site' stormwater detention, etc.
Setout surveys for dwelling, dual occupancy, medium density or construction.
Identification surveys for property conveyancing, bank finance requirements, etc.
Flood level reports for property in recognised areas of water inundation.
BOMA reports for leasable areas in commercial, industrial and retail complexes.
Computer bureau, CAD contract drafting and plan printing service up to A0.
    We also provide surveys for: 
  • Commercial developments such as office buildings, motels, tourist resorts, mobile home parks and more.
  • Industrial developments such as factory complexes, warehouses, service stations, engineering surveys.
  • Retail developments - community shopping centres.

There are currently no positions vacant however, you are invited to email your resume for our files.


Tel:  +61 2 9792 2888 
Fax: +61 2 9772 2484 


G.V. Hull & Associates
18 Blamey St (Cnr. Revesby Pl)
REVESBY NSW 2212 Australia
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12 Aug 2004

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